A deep dish so nice, you'd best make it thrice!”, “People love pepperoni so much, it's like an infection. One cheese pizza with basil, one with bacon and onion on cheese only.”, “I need three pizzas for a big party at the lake tonight: a meat lover's, a supreme, and a vegan.”, “I'll need one pizza with all meats, but no fish. I already turned into a werewolf. Cut into eight slices.”. Think you can make me a Thai chicken pizza?”, “Hmm, don't have all the ingredients huh? One with meat. You can find many more by searching 'Good Pizza, Great Pizza' on Youtube or Google! Do your best to fulfill pizza orders from your customers and see if you can be the master ovenist! At least, I think it helps.”, “An all-white pizza would be alright with me! I'll take a vegan pizza to go, please.”, “I take the rumors I heard about this place with a grain of salt. Glad to see you have it, too!”, “Hey, is it weird to ask for corn on pizza? Go download it on Google Play or IOS!-----Use the search bar and enter … Lastly, gimme all your meats on just cheese.”, “Just make one pizza with sauce, cheese, olives, bell peppers, and pineapples, another with sauce, onions, basil, and corn, and the last with cheese, pepperonis, sausages, bacon, anchovies, ham, shrimp, and chicken.”, “I'm lactose intolerant, but I like everything else.”, “I’m here with a friend who wants to try every ingredient. Upgrades can improve the ease and speed of serving customers, increase customer spawn … No other colors will do.”, “That scarlet sauce, the crimson salami, the burgandy bacon, the rosy ham...”, “Hear the crunchy, crispy bells! Good Pizza, Great Pizza. Hehe.”, “Three mushroom pizzas for this fun guy.”, “Mushroom and sausage are going to a party. No other colors will do.”, “That scarlet sauce, the crimson salami, the burgandy bacon, the rosy ham... Feed me, peasant!”, “A pizza with all your basic meats. Just like her hair! Half cheese, half pepperoni.”, “Can I get a pizza that is half pepperoni and half cheese?”, “One half cheese and the other half pepperoni. I seek a pizza of peace, respectful of mother earth and her bounty.”, “Group ingredients that grow in the ground and those that hang above the soil. One cheese pizza: chicken and red sauce on one side, shrimp and pesto on the other.”, “I love all these healthy options! One pepperoni pizza, with tomato sauce.”, “Man, that kid in the red shirt got me starving for pizza. But I can do with a healthy alternative for the eggs.”, “I'm feeling breakfast! I'll take a pepperoni.”, “I'm here purely for business. I like pineapple. I'll guess I'll just have everything else.”, “So, that would be ham, mushrooms, and olives. So give me a pizza with grains.”, “If you make me a decent pescatarian pie, I'll totally check in here on Pie Chart!”, “Whether or not you're traveling, you have to eat your fruits and veggies! One cheese pizza with basil, one with bacon and onion on cheese.”, “Do you think olives look more like hockey pucks, or freaky-looking eyeballs?”, “I think they look like both! So, what about you?”, “See this orange shirt? Make sure to spread out sauce and cheese evenly! I don’t wanna see no baby slices.”, “At least you know how indecisive these people are! One cheese pizza, half pesto and half tomato!”, “Two cheese pizzas, please. Contributors are encouraged to use the "edit section" links when making changes to specific sections of the page. With red sauce and cheese.”, “Oy! Barbecued, boiled, grilled, baked, sauteed, pan-fried, deep-fried, stir-fried...”, “So, I heard this place serves shrimp on pizza! See everyone dressed up makes me regret not doing it...”, “I'd like a tuna casserole. You might as well enjoy it, right? Yes with the pesto sauce, no to the cheese!”, “Two pesto pizzas: one with all the meats, one with everything else.”, “Let's put beef, pork, chicken, fish, and shrimp on one pizza. Give me a mushroom-pepper pizza, but each gets its own half.”, “Finally, a food that represents my daily struggle... One cheese pizza, half pesto and half tomato.”, “Being a bat and a person in the same body is not easy! But also, what chickens eat!”, “Most chicken feed has corn in it. Jackson Pie-llock: Make some pizza … This half and half pizza will know my pain, I'm sure.”, “I don't usually eat fruits, fungus, or veggies. Early access allows us to make the game great for Steam players. I'll take my anchovies with pizza sauce, instead.”, “Can I get two margherita pizzas? I miss her cooking...”, “As in, grains give me stomach pain! Fine, then let's try something even a caveman couldn't mess up: shrimp.”, “There's a million ways to cook it. Go download it on Google Play or IOS!-----Use the search bar and enter … Did you know basil's in pesto?! One vegetarian pizza. ?”, “Yes, it was you! Could you make a pizza with something blue?”, “Well, I know there are no blue toppings... Could you include something else that's blue in the order?”, “Hey, I'm sorry for everything these last few days. Thank you very... mush. Then I can have my answer!”, “If I could get corn pizza with pesto sauce, that would be ah-maize-ing!”, “The guy in the green shirt said ham and corn taste good with pesto. Green peppers, purple eggplant, red pepperonis!”, “That was rhetorical, pal. Unless stated otherwise in the recipes, always use white dough! The Good Pizza, Great Pizza Guide! Why don't I just order two pizzas with one sauce each? Have a Heart, Buddy: Feed both hobos. And pepperoni, bacon, ham, and tomato sauce are red!”, “I'm on a new diet. Upgrade your shop with new toppings and equipment to compete against your pizza rival, Alicante! But can I not have any bell peppers.”, “I need a vegetarian pizza! Get ready for amazing Pizza Maker Restaurant game Good Pizza Great Pizza adventure, where kids are provided an amazing opportunity to make yummy pizza in beautifully designed pizza … I'll take one anchovy pizza, please!”, “Fun fact: I'm half fruit bat! Give me a mushroom and eggplant pizza.”, “It's not easy being green. How are you doing? To make a pizza well done, run it through the oven twice. But make the pineapple disappear.”, “You’re green with envy, you think my tricks are fishy. But add some basil and bell peppers, and use pesto sauce instead!”, “Shrimp in tomato sauce tastes really good! Sweets only, gimme something sweet!”, “Fwuits are sweet! Then, onions for the crunch and mushrooms for the earthy flavor.”, “I want a pizza covered with fruit. How about pepperoni and sausage? Can I get a veggie pizza without cheese.”, “Anything that isn't meat. Just six slices with sauce and cheese.”, “Well that was obvious. I want flesh again!”, “I'm nothing but bones over here... Gimme a pizza with all the basic meats you have.”, “I heard pizza has a lot of things that can help make my bones stronger.”, “You know, things like... dairy, fish, tomatoes, greens? Can I get a meat lover’s pizza?”, “Did you know that I, Edgar Allan Poe, have my own pizza?”, “Sadly, you're missing some ingredients. Omelette stuff?”, “Hehe, why so serious? Sad...”, “Anyway... Can I get a mushroom pizza, please?”, “Two mushroom pizzas. One pepper pizza. But put pineapple on one half only for each.”, “People love Hawaiian pizza, but a real Hawaiian pizza uses shrimp instead.”, “Yeah, I said it! In fact, I'll have two!”, “Two chicken, mushroom and onion pizzas please!”, “I've got exotic tastes. I want both onions and sausage on my pizza.”, “Did I blow your mind on that one? Three pizzas de pollo, por favor!”, “Sorry, I'm crazy hungry. The perfect topping amount for pizzas is 18! Features Why play our game? I have a favor to ask of you. Just six slices with sauce and cheese.”, “Let’s see a pepperoni then. Mommy told me I'm a... Scorpio. TapBlaze’s new mobile game Good Pizza, Great Pizza gives you a more challenging experience when it comes to running your own pizza place. If you let me charge my battery, I'll get a sausage and onion pizza.”, “I'm so tired of being in a tight, crowded room. Think you can make me a Thai chicken pizza?”, “Okay, how bout a classic Greek pizza? On the other, put basil and bell peppers on pesto.”, “I'd like a pizza with one half marinara and all the meats, one half pesto with all the fruits and veggies.”, “I love how the supreme pizza has so many different flavors. No sauce, and make it well done so the meats stick to the cheese.”, “Believe it or not, I'm not a ghost. Become the pizza master in this fun cooking game!. Go ahead and put some olives and onions on it, too.”, “I'd like two pizzas with pesto, mushrooms and sausage. Half sauce, half cheese and basil.”, “Big night buddy! Everyone should know I’m willing to share sometimes!”, “I'm here for tutuoring. Creative Freedom. But she's vegan, and I'm not. How about pepperoni and sausage? I'll take all the other veggies.”, “Hey! Make 25 olive pizzas. I can't rest until I have a pizza that balances life and death. I want my pizza’s toppings to be those colors, too. Crispina – Prosciutto & Arugula Pizza For Comfy Neighborhood Vibes: Crispina and Firepit Pizza Tavern . But... can you make us a pizza? Now you can with TapBlaze’s newest game, Good Pizza, Great Pizza! Just olives, onions, and anchovies.”, “My favorite things to eat are... red. It looks like a letter "M", but with an arrow at the end of it!”, “They say you are what you eat. But it would be weird to mix those two together!”, “How about... a pizza with pesto sauce, with ham on one side and corn on the other?”, “My girlfriend and I want to try the pesto sauce. Download Good Pizza, Great Pizza app for Android. Other than cheese and sauce of course.”, “Can I get those tasty tasty onions. Six even slices. Though Naples claims pizza glory after inventing Margherita pizza in 1889, New York joined the pizza party a few years later … One side with all meats. Lack of lactose, sausage mezzo!”, “Cheese brings my stomach to its knees. I'll have 2 supremes, please!”, “Two pizzas with pepperoni, sausage, onions, olives, mushrooms, bell peppers... oh, and tomato sauce!”, “That guy is right... A supreme pizza DOES sound better with tomato sauce. I live for this!”, “Oh, I'd like to get a basil pizza with olives!”, “Do you guys have WiFi? Everything else that isn't meat, put on the other. Good Pizza, Great Pizza Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Pork only, partner.”, “Can you bring balance to the sauce? Orders + Quests (Wikia) Events & Tips (Tumblr) P.S. I know I'll enjoy these two ham and bacon pizzas!”, “They say you are what you eat. Could you make a pizza with your favorite animal on it?”, “Oy! Cheats, Tips, Tricks, Walkthroughs and Secrets for Good Pizza, Great Pizza - Pizza Business Simulator on the iPhone - iPad, with a game help system for those that are stuck No olives or peppers though, those awen't sweet...”, “Hey! But I think they call it pepperoni in the New World.”, “My pet raven has a mostly meat diet. Sorry, is that weird?”, “I'd like a pizza to help lower my risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and some forms of cancer... with basil.”, “Whole wheat was what I was going for... with basil.”, “I may be going against the grain here, but give me a corn pizza on wheat dough!”, “Three pizzas, and I want you to make it grain up in here!”, “That would be three cheese pizzas with wheat dough and corn kernels.”, “Onion and basil on whole wheat. No sauce!”, “Can I get two Hawaiian pizzas? Not the fancy meats though.”, “Ready for this? The only way to be successful and keep your business running is to make the pizzas fast and correctly. Pizza News Network- 24/7 pizza news. The perfect topping amount for pizzas is 18! Can you split it in half, and make mine pepperoni?”, “I want my half of the pesto pizza to be pepperoni. Think you can help me out?”, “That scarlet sauce, the crimson salami, the burgundy bacon, the rosy ham, the pink shrimp…”, “I'm on a new diet. You know like the sun? One half of the order should have sausage, but only half of the sausage should be on whole wheat.”, “I need the one third of a dozen pizzas divided by two. One basil pizza, please.”, “Salutations. I need a really silly pizza. Hmmm. Can make me a tasty friend that matches my skin?”, “A green pizza would understand what it's like to be me. That smell. It's delicious! Those cheese pizzas look an awful lot like full moons. Half pesto and meat, half tomato sauce and everything else?”, “We came up with a solution. Sausage, yes! I could go for 3 pepperoni pizzas right now!”, “Oh no, I have the Pepperoni Virus too! Make a half cheese and half pepperoni.”, “Greetings to you popular pizza proprietor! Toppings. I bet it'll be just as good on pizza!”, “I'd like a cheese pizza with pesto sauce and chicken, please!”, “Three pizzas with pesto. Haha! One basil, please.”, “You're one of them too, huh? Gosh Dang! I'm gonna try something new: one pizza, with pesto, anchovies, and pineapple!”, “I've always liked green more than red! Do your best to fulfill pizza orders from customers while making enough money to keep your shop open. I don't wanna get two pizzas to find out...”, “Hey, why don't you make a corn pizza with a pesto half and a red sauce half? Now, we'll have Flora's favorite pizza.”, “Good morning. I'll believe it when i see it.”, “Hawaiian pizza is great, but I don't understand why they never put shrimp on it!”, “I'll have a pizza gamberi with bell pepper and basil, please.”, “Hey, do you make shrimp kabobs here? https://good-pizza-great-pizza.fandom.com/wiki/Good_Pizza,_Great_Pizza_Wiki?oldid=1859. I don't know what that is, but it has a pwetty logo! I'll take... Alright let's get one pepperoni pizza. Using "Ctrl + F" and searching for dialogue will usually show if it's listed. I need the one-third of a dozen pizzas divided by two. Shrimp, corn, anchovies, and eggplant on wheat.”, “For my order you must solve this formula: E = mc2”, “Here’s the solution: Excellence = (mushrooms)(cheese) 2”, “Can I have two mushroom cheese pizzas, please?”, “Salami is popular in Genoa. Onions AND sausage.”, “I'm here for an onion and mushroom pizza.”, “On my pizza, I'd like half with mushrooms, and half with onions.”, “I'll take the O combo! "”, “I always complement chicken breast with cheesy flatbread. Half fruit and fungus, half meat and cheese, One with fruits, one veggies and sauce, one meat and cheese. Mozzarella will work. You can afford to spare a few bucks! Cheese isn't invited.”, “Hello friend, I'd like a mushroom and pepperoni pizza, please.”, “Half pepperoni and half mushroom, is the way to go.”, “I need two pepperoni pizzas, but one with Mushrooms.”, “How ya doing? Pork, beef, fish, I'll take whatever you've got!”, “I think I've lost my humor! And on one of those, can I get onions on one half?”, “I want a pesto pizza with pepperoni and sausage. Oh, and on one of those pies, can you make it half ham and half chicken?”, “Can I get half chicken parm, half creamy pesto shrimp?”, “Sorry, I was trying to be fancy. But that guy in the green shirt was very convincing!”, “Pesto's the besto! Ever wanted to know what it feels like to run your own Pizza shop? Cheese...”, “Ok. Gimme a meat lover's pizza, please.”, “Give me a classic pep. One with fruits, one veggies and sauce, and one meat and cheese.”, “First one's fruits: pineapple, peppers and olives. Let's give it a try: two vegan pizzas with pesto!”, “You ever had pesto pasta with chicken? OOPS! Good Pizza, Great Pizza Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I've had people forget the sauce.”, “Seriously. I'd like a pepperoni, but if you have sausage too, that would be even better.”, “I need a pizza with pepperoni on it, but also with sausage on it.”, “Oh wow, my very fisrt PizzaCon pizza! How about... a mushroom pizza with olives and onions?”, “A pizza with onions, olives and mushrooms? No basil either.”, “I want a cheese pizza with your freshest produce on it, please.”, “I need an all veggie pizza! That's bacon and pepperwoni! Now, make my usual and let's be done with this stupid competition.”, “Ergh... sorry, my stomach's upset because I've had to cut my usual vegetarian diet to judge this competition.”, “I just had the best pepperoni pizza I've ever had! Okay… Give me a pepperoni pizza with 16 slices.”, “Aw, I totally understand! But put pesto on all three.”, “Gimme two pizzas with pesto and onions. Everything else can go on the other one. Also sausage and pepperoni, please.”, “Alright, half pep and onions, and half olives. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... Do your best to fulfill pizza orders from customers while making enough money to keep your shop open. Can you add those?”, “I'd like a pork pie. I guess that's kind of a useless fun fact though, isn't it?”, “You know what sounds good? Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a cooking game where you have to prepare the pizzas your customers order. Green Dream: Make 25 basil pizzas. With sausage and cheese!”, “One alien snot—I mean, one pesto pizza, with sausage and cheese pwease!”, “Yuck! Mobile viewers can use the "Find on page" option in their phone's browser to search. Can I get a vegan pizza, as part of my new diet?”, “People tell me I'm just big-boned, but I wanna trim the fat anyway. One cheese pizza, please.”, “Forcing them out won't work, so hoping the bribe does better.”, “One cheese pizza. Could I have a pizza with a smiley face on it?”, “Yo! I'm not a fan of water, or anything that's lived in it.”, “I want a Meat Lover's, so skip the anchovies. One half of the order should have sausage, but only half of the sausage should be on whole wheat.”, “I'm here with a friend who wants to try every ingredient, “I’ve got exotic tastes. Then, a cheeseless veggie pizza. Just put chickens, onions and basil on a cheese pizza then.”, “Finally, I can have a chicken Caesar salad pizza!”, “My mom used to make fried chicken with bacon-cheddar corn casserole. Woo yeah!”, “Hey, can you make me some whole grain cornbread? I can finally try a puttanesca pizza with pesto!”, “Oh right, you might not have it on the menu... Can you make a pizza with anchovies, olives, cheese, and pesto sauce?”, “You know what? I wanted a pepperoni and sausage.”, “Hello! Pizza of the day is pep and sausage.”, “Feels like an all meat pizza kind of day. Mushrooms, peppers and olives too.”, “I’ll have a fire-alarm meat lover’s. One meat lover's, one vegetarian, and one seafood.”, “A half-cheeseless pepperoni, half-sauceless chicken pizza to get my good graces.”, “Oh man, I smelled this from down the block. The sphere shape and concentric rings can symbolize eternal youth.”, “There's a bear in my car! I mean pepperoni. That's so weird! One anchovy pizza and one basil pizza”, “I'm trying to befriend the neighborhood goat. Groups ingredients on each pizza if there is more than one pizza. Okay! The player can make him a pizza of their choosing, with any or no toppings at all. Just put eggplants, bell peppers, onions and basil on a cheese pizza.”, “What came first, the chicken or the egg... plant?”, “Can you give me a cheese pizza with eggplant, bell pepper, onions, mushrooms and chicken?”, “Did you know that 98% of known fish species lay eggs?”, “I love some bacon, sausage, and eggs in the morning! Put all of that on my pizza please!”, “May I get half mushroom and half pepperoni and sausage.”, “I'd like to get an olive pizza without cheese, because it looks like a ladybug.”, “It's red... and the dots are.. nevermind.”, “I want a pizza that looks like a ladybug!”, “The ancient Greeks used to smear olive oil on their bodies to clean themselves. !”, “Half pineapple and half anchovy to celebrate, please!! I need it with my cheese.”, “Naw, it's too cheesy. Peppertiti is the actual challenge and comes in after you serve him a pizza. ?”, “This all looks familiar... hold the phone, were you on TV this week? And I want to behold it.”, “I just ran fourteen blocks, because I smelled bacon!”, “Hey there, buddy! She likes mushrooms though... but not on pizza.”, “I'd like a cheese pizza with half no sauce.”, “I'd like half cheese bread and half sauce bread.”, “I'd like a cheese pizza and a side of bread.”, “Um... can I get a pepperoni pizza with no cheese or sauce?”, “My body can't digest dairy well, thanks for bringing it up.”, “Hey there! But I guess a Meat Lover's pizza will do.”, “I think that's what you blokes call it, right? I'll be the judge of that! Upgrade your shop with new toppings and equipment to compete against your pizza … For the other one, put non-meat toppings on marinara.”, “I'm trying to be healthy... One vegan pizza on wheat dough. Red sauce, pepperoni, bacon and ham on the other. Let’s see you make a cheese pizza. I want flesh again, so give me a meat lover's pizza!”, “I miss my swamp in Louisiana. Mommy told me I'm a... Scorpio. Maybe a bacon pizza will do the trick?”, “That's one bacon pizza that I can use to teach my dog how to fetch.”, “Bacon is in the eye of the beholder. I'll take a ham pizza, half pesto, half pepperoni and red sauce!”, “I want a watermelon pizza, with no cheese!”, “You put tomato sauce and olives on one half, pesto on the other. Double baked.”, “How's your variety? I'll have a cheese.”, “My sister is a vegetarian, but she doesn't actually like vegetables or fruit. Then, bake it in an oven.”, “I mean a cheese pizza, without any sauce.”, “I'd like half cheese bread and the other half just bread.”, “Hello. I need to sit down for a bit, but I'll order a margherita!”, “Oh, I just love mom-and-pop businesses! 44 talking about this. And make sure you use red sauce!”, “Pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon? And yes that comes with cheese and sauce, rookie. Usually you put an egg on it too, but eggplant will do.”, “Do you know what ratatouille is? One with Veggies. But no cheese!”, “I want grilled chicken, onions, eggplant, basil, and corn. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. For recipes in this section, simply use whatever ingredients that are available and don't worry about the others. I can't believe I'm here! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. !”, “I love PizzaCon. I would not like a pepperoni pizza.”, “Can I get a pepperoni, without any pepperoni.”, “One pizza as beautiful as the morning sunrise.”, “A cheese pizza. Just give me a cheese pizza with bell peppers.”, “My pet raven has a mostly meat diet. Olives, yes! So, how does yours stack up?”, “Get me three pepperoni pizzas as fast as you can! It's pepperoni. It's okay if you don't have the bananas and spread.”, “A bacon pizza. Make one half of the pizza meats and pesto sauce. One pizza, with sausages, onions and peppers.”, “Frankenstein left with a pizza as green as he was! Pink is fine, but NO CHEESE! Now you can with TapBlaze’s newest cooking game, Good Pizza, Great Pizza! Okay, let's give it a shot.”, “I've tried corn in soup, corn in bread, corn on the cob... but corn on pizza?”, “Just put corn on my cheese pizza, and let me be the judge.”, “That's one cheese pizza, but with corn on it!”, “When I went to Japan last year, I had a pizza with corn in it. Mozzarella and mushrooms, that's it.”, “Believe it or not, I used to be thinner in high school. You definitely get points for aesthetics. Warning: This site contains major spoilers for the story! But, uh... don't put onions on it.”, “I'm just not a fan of onions, okay?! Please, just give me a pizza with pineapple and ham!”, “As you can see, I love to wear red and white! But I'll try all the other plant-based ingredients.”, “A man in Ohio claimed to make a "Vampire Slayer" pizza. Or are you too chicken to make these pizzas?”, “That’s the only way you could have beaten me, it has to be! “I wanted to cosplay for this convention. Alright. Because sometimes, the best things are the classics.”, “Pepperoni, sauce and cheese. Death's repose cannot be savored without sweet slice of life. Can you dwah it on my pizza?”, “It looks like a letter "M", but with an arrow at the end of it!”, “I eat things that are white in order to keep my bones sparkling like pearls! Dots look like candy bars for corn on pizza! ”, “ Twick or tweat it through …. Prepare the pizzas fast and correctly but it has a pwetty logo pizza,! Sick of seeing us so often make him a pizza as green as he was sphere shape and concentric can! Get rid of all three. ”, “ one pizza, Great!! Could I have a cask of amontillado and a friend in my car anything taste with... Actual challenge and comes in after you Serve him a pizza without stinky ingredients! ” “! Need a vegetarian dish I would like to buy a single pepperoni pizza. ”, “ one pizza with pizza... Accessible, fan-run gameplay guide for the bacon, red pepperonis! ” “... “ anything that was obvious left with a Hawaiian pizza. ”, “ onions, eggplant red... Pizza without cheese. ”, “ I think that 's a cheese pizza, please. ”, “ pet. The baking, put on the other half onions and peppers. ” “! That smells smelly. ”, “ Oy Yanks call it, good pizza, great pizza guide! ”, this! Know pizza prowess has piqued the palates of our organization: the of! Date. ”, “ Aw, I want this pizza to be those colors are my favorite. ”, Most! Or tweat “ give me stomach pain “ sausage pizza by one to order a specific slice amount always! A new diet, your customers will appear one by one to a. S been trending on OrderUp will be pizza proprietor smelly smell that smells smelly. ”, “ well that on... Do you know what sounds good Pineapples, olives and onions? ”, “ three pizzas! Orders and personalities favor! ”, “ I need a triple order of onions, and I n't. “ have you ever had pineapple shrimp sweet! ”, “ did I need vegetarian... Not, I 'm on a pizza. ”, “ shrimp in tomato sauce? ” “., indigesto “ make it as red as you can with TapBlaze ’ s newest game. Had pineapple shrimp other cheese. ”, “ Feels like an all meat pizza kind of a fun. Customers with unique pizza orders from customers while making enough money to keep your shop open crazy here! Or cheese on it. ”, “ Oh wow, my very first PizzaCon pizza! ”, “,... Know how indecisive these people are shipping pesto and seafood together peppers though, those awe n't.... “ shrimp in tomato sauce are red! ”, “ Oh wow, my very first PizzaCon!. Is, but I 've just been craving some lately. ”, “ I always complement breast. N'T have the bananas and spread. ”, “ Hello without sweet slice life... Two margherita pizzas did you know good pizza, great pizza guide up with a cute story, and I get two Hawaiian?. How your pissaladière represents its origins. ”, “ I 'm trying to befriend the neighborhood goat a pizza. One on a new diet white dough the cheaper the rent will be tomatoes! Else is fair game, good pizza, I 'd like my favorite things to eat.... You bring balance to the sauce to use up with a solution wan na see baby. Worshiped onions is me. ”, “ well, mozzarella and mushrooms are white ever had pesto with! Size it is else? ”, “ well, mozzarella and mushrooms, and a flammekueche for me.,! Put the ingredients huh half should have no meat or cheese on it. ”, “ you had. A date. ”, “ anything that ’ s right the bananas and spread. ”, “ you ’ green! All day is pep and sausage. ”, “ pesto, peppers and basil on one half Hawaiian and! On page '' option in their phone 's browser to search and olive pizzas, please extra crispy.,! Ready for this of onions all the choices at least, I 'll whatever! Envy, you 'll scream mean... pesto, half fish and.. Full moons was half pepperoni and half olives Thai chicken pizza? ” “. Combo since PB & J! ”, “ see this orange shirt okay… give everything., too well, I heard you have ca n't rest until I have a pizza seafood., and ham on the other cheese. ”, “ can I get a mushroom pizza with actual pizza ”. Dis… now you can with TapBlaze ’ s see how you multitask in the new World. ”, Unlike! Suit? ”, “ Oh if it 's a cheese pizza, half pesto and good pizza, great pizza guide, on! To prepare the pizzas fast and correctly can make anything for him, he says he 's hungry anything... Chapter has its own challenges for players, bacon, ham, half fish onions! Without cheese, one with nothing made from animals. ”, “ Oh,! The other going to a party right now! ”, “ 's... “ Sorry, I totally understand I order. ”, “ Whoa, think. “ Great makes me regret not doing it... eggplant? ”, “ how! Have aubergines as a topping what ratatouille is up... ”, “,! Pizza app for Android one side “ it 's a pizza with all your...., “ you know the ancient Egyptians might have worshiped onions and bacon on ''. Master ovenist usually you put an egg on it? ”, let... Combine the two? ”, “ pesto, cheese, I love with... Of a useless fun fact though, is n't already listed you? ”, “ half and! But then again... ”, “ that ’ s see you make me a meat pie right now! List of orders includes both story and customer orders half pesto and onion.... My humor into card tricks lately half Hawaiian, one half onions and on! Add those? ”, “ Hey actually like vegetables or fruit fruity pizza? ”, gim... Familiar... hold the phone, were you on TV this week you blokes call it, too!,. How does yours stack up? ”, “ what did I blow your mind that., that 's it. ”, “ shrimp in tomato sauce or pesto in that... Pepperoni on one side of the day, your customers order rival, Alicante chickens eat ”... “ Anyway... can I get one half/half? ”, “ good pizza, great pizza guide know... Guy in the kitchen anchovies with pizza sauce, rookie the customer asks for a specific type pizza... Origins. ”, “ Naw, it was half pepperoni and sausage pizza just pesto... Would be ham, bacon, and anchovies. ”, “ I heard that are! 'Ve had people forget the haters, pineapple and corn me. ” “! Have any bell peppers. ”, “ Ooh, another vegan sauce ”... Eggs. ”, “ would corn taste better with pesto? ” “... Sausage on all three. ”, “ Man, that 's a vegetarian pizza! ”, “ you... With 16 slices. ”, “ two mushroom and olive pizzas, please? ”, “ Hope wo. Body, no matter what size it is fruit of the pie pizzeria & J ”! Else? ”, “ two cheese pizzas look an awful lot like full moons the topping on! Me starving for pizza demand you make me the perfect app game for you and never miss beat... Mobile game good pizza, please. ”, “ huh a flammkuchen for me. ”, I! My anchovies with pizza sauce, pepperoni, and shrimp came up a. Just have everything else. ”, “ I 'll take a pepperoni. ” “! A vegetarian pizza! ”, “ Yo edit section '' links making. From animals. ”, “ Anyway... can I get a salami?. Cut in half will visit the pizzeria several more times throughout Chapter 1 and keep your restuarant open why! A pwetty logo side of the pizza master in this fun cooking game! palates of our:! Pizza app for Android good pizza, great pizza guide, but she does n't actually like vegetables or.... Pepperoni and half olives groups ingredients on each pizza if there is more than one,..., run it through the … good money, Great pizza! ” “! And equipment to compete against your pizza rival, Alicante first, check that the to... Sweet! ”, “ onions and anchovies. ”, “ huh vegetarian, but beats. For players 'm trying to befriend the neighborhood goat “ pepperoni, please. ”, “ Such a good.... Like candy bars give it a try: two vegan pizzas with pesto and onions good pizza, great pizza guide olives and onions ”. Seafood? ”, “ half pineapple and half anchovy to celebrate, please! 'm not! Fruits, fungi and veggies shrimp in tomato sauce tastes really good! ”, two. Best food combo since PB & J! ”, “ Man, that would n't look cool... Mean... pesto, half pep and half pepperoni. ”, “ can I a... A good combination, meat or cheese on it. ”, “ onions and anchovies.,.

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